How I learned to stop worrying and love OS X Lion for Java development

I’ve been humming along using OS X 10.6 for the better part of a year now. For the most part, the tool suite I identified in my earlier post has served me well.  Having just released a major project for a client, I decided now would be a good time to upgrade to OS X Lion.  Considering that I am months behind the curve, I figured it would be simple and that any issues would already have been addressed by the blogosphere.  Everything went well except for getting a JDK with with source code and JavaDocs.  This post describes how to get a JDK installation with source and JavaDoc after the upgrade or a clean install. Everything went well except for a couple issues. This post describes the issues I encountered with my environment.

JDK Repair

The upgrade process kindly removed all of my previously installed JDKs under /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines.  This deletion had the added benefit of messing up my installed JVMs in Eclipse.  Since the built-in JVM does not contain source code, I had to reinstall the developer package for the JDK.   After a little venting about the intelligence of the engineer who made that decision, I was off to to look for the OS X 10.7 JDK installer.  Luckily the fix is the same as the process I described in the Installing the JDK and the Looking at the JDK files sections my earlier post, and I was up and running without too much additional frustration.

One thing of note is that the JDK installers did not appear in the download list when I first logged in, even after using the site’s search feature.  If you find yourself in a similar position, the direct download link for the “Java for Mac OS X 10.7 Developer Package” installer as of the publishing of this post is

Insomia X

The upgrade breaks InsomniaX.  For me it would still start, but it would not prevent the laptop from going to sleep.  InsomniaX 2.0 adds Lion support; however, I did not have much luck with it.


It looks like the upgrade may have also removed a symbolic link to my Git installation.  The installation was not removed, but I had to create or recreate a link in /usr/local/bin.

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