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Intro to Camel By Example

I’ve been using and distributing a Apache Camel based example project as part of informal training and JUG talks for several years.  I wrote the example to demonstrate best practices for the use of Camel as well as the wonderful … Continue reading

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Deploying Spring MVC Based Web Applications to OSGi Using Apache ServiceMix

The OSGi specification defines appropriate bundle manifest headers and mechanisms for the deployment of servlet-based WAR packaged applications into an OSGi container. As with most APIs, programming a modern application using the Servlet specification requires copious amounts of boilerplate code … Continue reading

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Secrets of The Felix Bundle Plug-in Macros Revealed

I was recently dealing with some client concerns regarding package import scopes in their Maven-built artifact using the Felix Bundle Plug-in. The client was curious about strategies for dealing with package import version ranges as well as how to manage … Continue reading

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Combining Karaf Features, PAX URL, and Maven to deploy a plain JAR as an OSGi bundle

I recently found myself in the situation where I needed to provide an easy way for a client to install a set of OSGi bundles and their dependencies.  Karaf Features allow you to name a collection of bundles and other … Continue reading

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